Views of Talents
  • 01.Condensate Talents with Common Goal

    We GP respects every single employee. Our staff is encouraged to design their own career plan and work plan. They are guided to combine their personal goals with corporate vision. During we GP’s development, we strongly hope that our staff’s ingenuity can be thoroughly utilized, ideal completely fulfilled, and capability continuously developed. We GP wish to make full advantages of every single employee’s activity and creativity, and encourage them to make progress actively. Thus, corporate and personal values can be jointly promoted. Win-win can be achieved between the company and employees. GP and its staff can be developing together.

  • 02.Attract Talents with Superior Welfare

    Live in GP, Work in GP. For our staff, we GP provide warm apartments, delicious meals, comfortable workplaces and convenient transport (shuttles). Staff’s salary and value can be recognized by their responsibilities, capabilities and performance. Moreover, we GP establish a sound social insurance & welfare security system, and offer our staff with diversified & individual welfare programs.

  • 03.Choose Talents with Morality & Ability

    On the one hand, we GP gives priority to morality. The staff is required to love the company, their positions and responsibilities. They are requested to contribute their wisdom & intelligence to the company. On the other hand, we GP make regular & irregular appraisal systems to evaluate staff’s performance.  Thus a powerful elite team can be built by promoting the best, keeping the good while firing the worst.

  • 04.Encourage Talents with Fair Competition

    The most valuable resource a company has is talents. It’s meaningful to a company’s survival & development to discover and properly use talents. To stimulate staff’s activity, the company should give fully play to the potential of human resources, take the corporate culture as the center and use fair competition, equal treatment and incentive mechanism as the means. Thus individual potential can be maximum utilized.

  • 05.Train Talents with Company’s Needs

    Training is one of important factors to build a quality team. Regular training shall be upheld to help staff continuously renewing their knowledge and improving their competitiveness. Meanwhile, against staff’s working needs, training of relative knowledge & tools shall be given to improve their work efficiency and provide them platforms for their future development.

  • 06.Principle of GP Employing

    Compare with pure education background, we GP focus more on staff’s potential, morality, teamwork and development. When talking about an excellent employee, based on the capability, he/she shall be cultivated to develop flexibility and potential.

  • 07.Slogan of GP Employing

    Discover Talents, Encourage Innovation. Whatever positions you are, as long as you are with genuine talent, as long as you can fulfill your potential and intelligence, you can be an important role in the company. We GP provide talents with good platforms to perform. We sincerely invite more talents to join us and create a better future together.