About R&D

Getein Biotech Inc. has a high-quality research and development team of “key medical talents”, with strong technical and R&D advantages. At present, there are nearly 300 professionals engaged in high-tech research and development, and more than 40 people with middle and high level titles, and more than 87% are undergraduate or above degree. For this reason, the company has been continuously and pointedly introducing talents, and continuously increasing investment in research and development, which take up 20% to 30% of its profits every year. Under such circumstances, the R&D center has formed a team with multidisciplinary complement and professional collocation, constantly improve research and development efficiency, timely develop new products to meet market demand, and consolidate and maintain the company's technological advantages in the industry.

At present, the company has set up a provincial-level enterprise technology center, and an enterprise’s graduate student workstation in Jiangsu Province, established a “biomedical joint laboratory” with Southeast University, with doctoral and master's degree programs in biomedical engineering, and master's internship sites. Getein Biotech has also established long-term stable industry-university-research-hospital collaboration with universities and hospitals such as the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Southeast University, Nanjing University, the Fourth Military Medical University of the People's Liberation Army, the People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province, and the Shanghai First Maternal and Child Health Hospital affiliated to Tongji University.

Through independent research and development, the company has various in vitro diagnostic products technologies such as raw material preparation technology and immunochromatography labeling technology, thus establishing five major technology platforms for colloidal gold immunochromatography, fluorescent immunochromatography, biochemical latex, chemiluminescence and diagnostic reagent raw material development.

The company's R&D team also has preponderances in the preparation of biological and chemical raw materials. Through independent research and development, important technologies such as genetic engineering technology, single/polyclonal antibody preparation technology, and small molecule total synthesis technology has been mastered, which can be used to independently produce some of the required bioactive materials, chromatographic media, controls, calibrators and other common used raw materials. This has decreased the reliance on imported raw materials and greatly reduced the production cost of the products.

The diversification of research and development projects can meet the needs of many disease detection fields such as cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and renal injury, and cover various application scenes such as hospitals, community outpatient services, health centers, laboratories, etc., which are virtually consolidating and expanding company’s position in the industry.

R&D New Product

Holding the philosophy of “pursue excellence, deliver health”, the company has been focusing on R&D, production, sales and service of in vitro diagnostic products for 16 years. Now the company owns a first-class diagnostic product R&D team, and acting as a leader in the IVD industry, Getein Biotech will continue in the future to strengthen R&D investment. The company's R&D center will keep a keen market demand insight and an in-depth understanding of the IVD industry and consumers in the fiercely competitive market environment, focus on improving its technological advantages, technological influence and R & D efficiency in its R&D projects, and quickly launch new products to meet market demand, and enrich consumer product selection and user experience to continuously increase the company's core competitiveness. Getein Biotech will gradually step into the new materials, health industry and other industrial fields, and will develop from a single diagnostic reagent and medical equipment oriented industry to a diversified industry, so the products will also be increasingly enriched.

We firmly believe that the core of modern enterprise competitiveness is the independent innovation and R&D capability of the company. R&D and innovation are the inexhaustible motivation for the company's long-term and sustainable development.